Revolutionary Smart Knee Replacements Communicate with Physicians: The Future is Now

Michigan Orthopedic Specialists is at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technology in orthopedic care. Our very own Dr. Dan McCall leads Michigan in smart knee replacement surgeries, utilizing the innovative sensor-equipped knee replacement, Persona IQ, developed by Zimmer Biomet in collaboration with Canary Medical. This revolutionary device provides real-time data on the patient’s progress, offering valuable insights for both physicians and patients.

The Persona IQ tracks the movement of the knee using accelerometers and gyroscopes, transmitting metrics like walking speed and stride length to a home-base station. This data is then sent to physicians, like Dr. McCall, via an online dashboard and to patients through a mobile app. Objective data gathered from the sensors eliminates the reliance on patients’ memories and reduces the need for in-person follow-up visits.

While the sensors do not improve the knee’s performance, they provide crucial information to aid clinical decision-making. As the leader in smart knee replacement surgeries in Michigan, Dr. McCall and the team at Michigan Orthopedic Specialists are committed to offering their patients the best possible care using the latest advancements in orthopedic technology.

For further reading, please read the WSJ article attached here.