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Masks Required!

Just a friendly reminder about what to expect at your appointment due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Masks must be worn to enter our building.  Please have your mask on BEFORE entering our building and approaching our staff at the screening table. Due to difficulty keeping PPE’s stocked, we kindly ask that you wear your own mask to the appointment.
  • The staff is required to take your temperature and ask screening questions prior to letting you back.
  • You may be asked to wait in your car if our lobby reaches capacity.  Please maintain social distancing while in the office lobby.  Unless medically necessary, no guests will be allowed back with you.

Please know that our staff has been tasked with the above so that everyone can feel safe coming to work and being treated by our physicians.  Please know that some of our patients take longer than others to get in/out of their cars on the ramps.  Due to the extra measures we need to take due to COVID19, visits can take longer than normal.  We know that this can be extremely frustrating for some, but we do need to remind patients that mistreatment of our staff or other patients in the office can result in your being dismissed from the practice.  Please know we are working hard to help you.  Please be kind to our staff!

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