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Appointments & Hours

Our offices are open from 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday for regular business. Phones shut off at 4:45pm.

To schedule an appointment, call 313-277-6700, Option 1 for all office locations. To expedite your call, please have the following information available before contacting the office: insurance card, claim information if you are an auto or workers compensation case, referring and primary care physician information. If your referring physician is directing you to see a specific physician in our office, please be sure you notify one of our staff members.

Patients are seen by appointment only. Our doctors make every effort to make your appointment as timely as possible. However, due to the nature of the practice there may be times when a wait may occur. The doctors regular schedules are listed below:

Dr. Silberg:

  • Wednesday, Riverview 1pm-4pm
  • Wednesday, Dearborn 8am-12pm
  • Thursday, Dearborn 8am-5pm

Dr. Finch:

  • Tuesday, Dearborn 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Wednesday, Dearborn 1pm-4pm

Dr. Ramakrishnan

  • Monday, Dearborn- alternating 8am-12pm
  • Tuesday, Monroe -2nd Tuesday of month
  • Wednesday, Farmington Hills 8am-12pm, Dearborn 1pm-5pm
  • Thursday, Canton- alternating am/pm

Dr. Milia:

  • Monday, Dearborn 8am-12pm
  • Monday, Southfield 1pm-5pm
  • Thursday, Brownstown 8am-12pm
  • Thursday, Dearborn 1pm-5pm

Dr. Patel:

  • Tuesday, Dearborn 8am-5pm
  • Thursday, Canton or Brownstown – Alternating am/pm
  • Friday, Dearborn 8am-12pm

Dr. Brossy

  • Monday, Dearborn, Farmington Hills – alternating by appt
  • Wednesday, Farmington Hills 1pm-5pm
  • Thursday, Dearborn 8am-12pm

Dr. Faulkner:

  • Monday, Dearborn- alternating am/pm
  • Wednesday, Dearborn 12pm-5pm

Dr. H Saad:

  • Monday, Dearborn 1pm – 5pm
  • Wedesday, Dearborn 8am-12pm
  • Friday, Dearborn, 8am – 12pm

Dr. M Saad

  • Monday, Farmington Hills 8am-12pm
  • Wednesday, Dearborn 8am-12pm
  • Friday, Dearborn 1pm-5pm

Dr. McCall

  • Wednesday, Farmington Hills 1pm-5pm
  • Friday, Farmington Hills 8am-12pm

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